Tuesday, October 26, 2010

~ Blogging Book Club ~ Week 3

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Well, I hope your enjoying "The Help" and your having a hard time putting it down. I found this interview with Kathryn Stockett conducted by Katie Couric that discusses " The Help" and sheds tremendous light on the book and story. It's a bit long but a very, very good interview. Let me know how the book is progressing!


  1. i have an addiction-reading this book! i want to stop (so it won't end), but i can't. it's just too good. i love the way aibileen tells of the events/happenings/unspoken rules, etc in such a matter-of-fact, but not resentful way. the blunt statement of the facts make you see how it really was, not as how we may have seen it living in those times (as white people who were taught it was a certain way). does anyone else have a favorite character?

  2. I am loving reading this novel!!