Tuesday, October 12, 2010

~Blogging Book Club -~ Week 1

As you know the blogging book club is well under way and I hope everyone is enjoying The Help. Hopefully, you are beginning to understand the characters as they develop and are having a hard time putting it down. The characters really come to life fast, at least they did for me.
It took Kathryn Stockett five years to right her debut novel and it was rejected by at least 45 literary agents. I'm so glad someone took a chance on this novel because, not only is it a great read, but I think it sheds a lot of light into the social dynamic of the early 1960's.
Please comment and let everyone know how the novel is progressing for you. Also, it not to late to start the novel and join in!


  1. I didn't know that tidbit of info about her book being rejected. Thanks for sharing! I plan to read my chapters in Alabama this weekend!

  2. she has certainly done a great job of endearing readers to the characters through their own individual stories/points of view. i already find myself siding with "the help" and have a distaste for most of the young white girls in the novel. haven't peeked, but wonder if this will change if we get to see through their eyes as well? (i've only read from POV of minny, aibileen and skeeter thus far....)