Friday, July 30, 2010

I have been a fan of Bella Notte Linens for sometime now, and I thought I would show you some of their amazing bedding. One thing I love is the color options they offer - charcoal & graphite being my favorite.
Bella Notte offers everything from the very frilly, romantic bedding to the more masculine understated bedding as shown above. It really is some of the best out there and it last forever, the more you use it the better it gets - so whats not to love.
I could very easily fall into anyone of these beds and possibly never return, hopefully these images will inspire you to have a very restful weekend - that's my plan.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If you haven't picked up the latest issue of Town & Country, you need too! The infamous Miles Redd has done it again...look at all these beautiful shades of blue. All in all, this is a great issue of Town & Country so check it out!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2 Things I'm Loving

1. This Jack Spade Oxford - its complete, classic, casual, comfort at its best.
2.On days like today this just seems to help....Sweet Nectar of the Gods.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I am so excited to get this book! Originally published in 1965, this book by T. Hayashida was a compilation of photos taken at Ivy League schools across America showcasing the "Ivy Style." Original copies are highly sought after and hard to come by, but the good news is its being re-released and available for pre-order on Amazon. Plus, its only $13.47....which makes it a must have!

Friday, July 23, 2010

There is one little reason I'm excited for this weekend and I'm sure you can guess why from the picture above. Mad Men premieres on Sunday and I couldn't be more thrilled. This show has it all great storyline, awesome actors and one heck of a wardrobe.
Every time I watch I feel as if I'm being transported back 50 years ago... and I love it! If for some reason you haven't watched it, do your self a favor and tune in Sunday will be hooked - I promise.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So, I finally got around to posting pictures from The Greenbrier Casino Opening. What a night! The whole evening was a bit of a blur but so memorable.

The casino is absolutely stunning...compliments of Mr. Carleton Varney ( above). He is such an icon in the design community and really knocked it out of the park on the casino. The biggest challenge was marrying the resort with the casino and the result was seamless!

I had the opportunity to have a 15 minute conversation with Debbie Reynolds...totally a dream come true...I am such an old movie buff so just to meet her, let alone sit and speak with her was epic.

All in all, the night was a beautiful experience and it was a true honor to be able to attend.

Oh and I met Jessica Simpson...she is flawless in person and so sweet...

Monday, July 19, 2010

I think its no secret that Kate Spade is a genius. This is her apartment and it is one of my favorite spaces. All of the elements that are in each room are a bit unpredictable but so cohesive.

These images of this apartment have been in my inspiration folder for sometime and thought I would share them with everyone. They have been posted a lot on different blogs but I absolutely love them....genius I say.
Keep an inspiration folder or notebook of all the things that inspire you. Whether it be images, rooms, fabric or who knows what else - keep it. Its a great way to pull together the things that inspire you and use later for reference.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I have been meaning to post these pictures for some time now of my trip to D.C. It was so much fun to meet up with some old friends from college and just hang out and catch up on life...On a side note if you are in D.C. you have to go to Bread & Chocolate...oh my word...that french toast was to-die-for!

While we were there we went to the Imogen Heap concert - she is incredible live - my friend Jen (to the right of me) and her fiance Dustin took me to all the great spots in D.C. and we did a little shopping as well - aka Dean & Deluca = heaven.

I'm heading out again tomorrow for a long weekend in Virginia and I couldn't be more excited! Also tomorrow, I celebrate 25 years of existence, hard to believe, when I return I will be sure to post pictures of my trip ,as well as, some pictures from The Greenbrier Casino opening a couple of weeks ago.

Have a great weekend guys...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Well, I got a little birthday present early...Yes, my birthday is Thursday and my Dad surprised me with this book. I'm almost half way through, such a great read. It really gives a great back drop to Breakfast at Tiffany's and provides alot of insight to the iconic film. If you haven't seen the movie do yourself a favor...its timeless.

Check out the book too...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

There are many things I love one being it on a pillow, shirt or wall paper like the room above. I think there is a classic timeless appeal to stripes and they add instant class to anything.


Add a couple of striped pillows to your sofa, throw one on your bed and for the more eager ones of you out there apply a striped wall paper to an accent will be surprised what it will do to your room.

The second thing I'm loving is the book by Tom Ford. Its been out for sometime now and I see it alot on different blogs. Its such a great coffee table book but a little pricey...I'm going to hold out and see if I luck up one day and find it on one of my's hope'in.