Thursday, April 28, 2011

Million Dollar Kathryn

Next up on Bravo's "Million Dollar Decorators" is none other than Kathryn Ireland. Kathryn really has one of the most comfortable aesthetics of the designers on the show. Her genius is the fact it seems as if a designer was never there.

I love her use of textures and layers, both keys in making a space feel warm and lived in. I think her style could be summed up as "bohemian chic". She's worked with numerous celebrities so it should be interesting what she brings to the show.

Below is a picture I found of Andy Cohen partying with some of the cast of "Million Dollar Decorators" along with "Real Housewife" Cindy Barshop. I'm a huge WWHL fan so I hope he brings the decorators on his show....I'm sure it would be good TV!


  1. Can't wait for the show. The third image is my favorite, David.
    Have a great week.

  2. She is my total favorite from the show! I think she's the most down to earth and hilarious of them all. Plus, seeing her vs. the heiress is great TV.