Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Million Dollar JAM

Today I'm showing the work of Jeffery Allan Marks. He will be featured on Bravo's new upcoming show "Million Dollar Decorators". I have to admit that I was not familiar with his work up to this point, but once I did some research I quickly realized I had seen his work in Elle Decor last year.

Everything came back to me very quickly once I saw the photos and I was able to put a designer with the images. I remember thinking that the hanging boat in the first photo was genius!

Jeffery's style is very relaxed and definitely a space one could live in and add to. His design perspective is what I would describe as a very relaxed, casual elegance. He has also done some beautiful commercial work as well.

I have a feeling that he will make for some good TV...


  1. I am LOVING that closet and the bench in it! I need a closet that looks like that!

  2. Nice style but terrible attitude. And his boyfriend is worse.