Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This is going to be a two part post. I recently finished installing my latest clients living room and dining area and the results were great. As you can see from these before shots...umm there was some work to be done, but it was a blast!

First - The floors were ripped out and beautiful new hickory flooring was laid through out the entire house.

Second - The walls were painted and crown molding was placed all around the house to really add some interest to the walls.

Third - The fireplace mantle was scratched and I had a new one installed to add a little 'wow' and a much needed mantle.

Fourth & Final - All the furniture was ditched and the shopping began...

The goal for this space was to have a cozy,comfortable, cottage look that was conducive for a family with two kids and two dogs. I think that it was achieved....check out the next post!

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  1. DAVE!!! That looks ahhhmazing! Did you have to go back to school for this? I really love the dresser and the purple hydrangeas! I should post pics of my apartment and hear your thoughts....I would almost be scared! ha!